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The wind has been so wild of late in different places! It’s interesting how the wind blows things along and often times out of place. God created wind to shift things in nature and it’s intriguing how the wind of His Spirit even from the beginning of creation is constantly at work shifting things. Many things in life shift, forwards, backwards and out of control… but one thing we can recognise is that while things shift - God Himself is solid, in fact He is the most solid thing there is “no shifting shadows are found in Him" James 1:7. He is a rock in fact. The amazing thing about shifting is that when we shift towards God, He shifts towards us, “draw near to God and He will draw near to you” James 4:8. And there is one excellent thing we can know about God’s involvement in shifting things and that is, He always shifts things forwards.

Photo credit: Jeremy Bishop, (2021). Unsplash.

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