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Updated: Nov 21, 2021

How crazy has this COVID lockdown period been! It’s totally put things out. Now we all have to get used to a new normal and we don’t even know what that even looks like. But now as we transition, what a privilege it is to be able go visit loved ones and friends and do the things that we love again. This lockdown time has certainly made us more appreciative of all the graces that we’ve been denied from. It’s an interesting thing how being limited, or having to do without something can actually work for us, where we become so much more thankful for the things we actually already have or had. In fact the things we had can seem even sweeter, as we often can see them in a different light. How funny are we, a little lack, a little denial, a few limitations, even delayed gratification is actually good for us as it causes us to see - see what we had and the value of the abundant good God has already provided in our lives. Maybe simply having our eyes opened is what it means to be given more - “Whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance.” Matt 13:12, because they can now see what God wants them to see. What is God causing you to see?

Photo credit: Jeremy Bishop, (2021). Unsplash.

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