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Do you love being inspired and encouraged in God? Then my blog is for you. 

I have been writing my revelations for years, dedicated to initially simply journaling my own spiritual understanding. When I was just 13, I decided, after being confronted at a camp the necessity of knowing Jesus by a happy bunch of people, figuring  I wanted some of that! But mind you, I wanted to do it by myself. So when I got home, I went into my bedroom, closed the door, got on my knees by my bed and asked Jesus into my heart. I can honestly say, from that point I felt a transformation inside, as I genuinely felt like I could’ve run around the world! I felt free and so happy. This in all truth has been the best decision I have ever made and I made a vow to God to read the Bible every day and I can honestly say it’s been my faith in Jesus that has anchored and led me through every painful and difficult thing. I can honestly say that I don’t know where on earth I would be today without Him. 

In my journey, I have learnt the value of journaling and wrote things down about God that He was showing me. As time went by, I gained deeper understanding which I realised sustained my life especially in hard seasons. My relationship with God has been a catalyst to me and through me, as I have taken up opportunity to share to inspire others. 

If you are keen to receive some positive spiritual input, encouragement that is real, relevant and thought provoking, and desire to be strengthened in your own faith in God, or maybe you are searching for God, I encourage you to follow me. I also love to express revelation through my art -

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Suzanne is recognised for her intuitive prophetic insight and creativity and has a grace to unlock the potential in others. Suzanne believes that whole life health and well-being is an essential part of the Christian life, but needs to be apprehended. She desires to see people flourish in all God has created them to be, and loves to empower people to recognise God’s voice. She stands with her husband in their now global ministry Encounter Life and is a Co-Senior Pastor along with her husband Murray of INLIFE Church. She is also an Artist and Integrated Health Coach, and loves being mum to Joseph and her daughter-in-love Ashleigh. 

Suzanne has had a desire to make every aspect of her life fruitful, understanding every part of who we are matters and needs to be stewarded. Through her conviction, God has confined unlock His even greater purposes in and through her. 

Suzanne along with her husband, Murray, speaks into  the lives of pastors, leaders, churches and over the last 35 years has built teams and led ministries in every facet of church life where God has led them to do a work in a season. In her journey, Suzanne has established a community playgroup, led children’s & youth ministries of all ages over a period of 20 years, worked with and empowered young adults building teams, raising leaders, led worship for 14 year and creatives, facilitated main events, fundraisers, women’s ministry, conferences, and ran a prophetic school, and speaks out of her revelations with prophetic insight, clarity, discernment and encouragement, empowering others with breakthrough. 

Suzanne believes that whole life health and well-being is an essential part of the Christian life and needs to be apprehended. She desires to see people flourish in all God has created them to be, enabling them to recognise God’s voice. She stands with her husband in their ministry Encounter Life Ministries, which now has global reach.

In 2016 God spoke to them about multiplying and sowing what God had invested and forged in them over the years. Due to the strong call to sow into the church at large, as the Senior Pastors for 12 years, they felt led to release the church in their hands at the time, sowing  it into the wider body, this became a catalyst, empowering multiplication, bringing blessing and increase to many churches across the Central Coast and beyond. This launched them personally into a season of travelling ministry where they were able to minister into the church at large and go wherever doors opened. Little did they realise this period was timely and significant, opportune in sowing many seeds, especially just prior to the COVID pandemic. 

Suzanne has had a desire to make every part of her life fruitful and has allowed God to expand every facet of who she is. This conviction has continued to unlock His even greater purposes through her, and as she has recognised God had placed a natural creativity within her, she could see this was meant to be stewarded. In 2017 she was presented with opportunity to pursue a double degree in Fine Art and Visual Arts. Her desire is to also reach further into the art world and community in using her artistic capabilities. Suzanne is currently a 5Land Artist in her local region and is now finishing her own studio/gallery. 

Over the last 10 years Suzanne has also had a lean towards the value of health and well-being, made obvious by the multi-facet mental, emotional and spiritual needs prevalent within local church and a sense of insufficiency in meeting them within the general dynamic of what is considered modern day contemporary church. The challenges of this along with her own health journey sparked a search for greater levels of health and wholeness, leading

her to gain an Integrative Nutrition Coaching  qualification through IIN. Suzanne has now had the privilege of coaching women in 

isolated regions and challenging situations, as well as for pregnancy preparation, lifestyle health & balance, toxic environments, toxins, stress, self worth, sugar addictions, hormonal imbalance, MTHFR, tailoring programs to needs and has also conducted community workshops. 

The recent COVID pandemic and lockdown periods have further highlighted needs within the church and community. In recently developing an app for her husband - MUZ  to facilitate his resources and coaching online, Suzanne is now in the process of developing an app for her health programs as well as an app to assist people in unlocking their own creativity,  intending  to combine creativity, health and ministry. 

Suzanne sees the need to break down limiting beliefs as many do not realise their own creative potential and it’s value in respect to mental and emotional health. She also recognises the critical need for health and well-being, finding the balance in ministry, understanding the whole of ourself matters.

Suzanne loves being a mum to her now married Joseph and Ashleigh. Joseph is a Youth Pastor and Maths High School Teacher as well as the Youth Alive Director of the Central Coast. Ashleigh, her daughter-in-love is the musIc artist ASHA. 

Suzanne along with her husband Murray, are currently the Senior Pastors of INLIFE Church on the Central Coast and look forward to all that God will do in the next season. 

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I love my family!  Yes they get a special mention, because they are up there as far as priority goes. I am thankful for each of them and all I have been graced with.  Nothing beats spending time with those you love and I am forever believing in and cheering them on. They make my life complete. If you want to know more about them, check out my bio!

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I am naturally creative, it's who I am. I never paid much attention to it, it's normal for me, but as I grew up I discovered I had an aptitude. I am a big believer in the value of creativity and inspiring people to discover their own potential. Creativity is something I have grown up with, which has now extended into wider dynamics in my life. I loved painting portraits of my family and landscapes of the coast and places I visit. In 2018 I was given opportunity to embark on a double degree in Fine Art and Visual Art, and now completing. We are currently finishing a new studio/gallery. I have held 4 exhibits, exhibiting also across-state and sell my work regularly. I see my art as more of a vehicle, to express life and to connect with others. Art has also been a release in difficult times and have a Diploma in Art Therapy. My best work comes when I am inspired and enjoying what I am doing. I believe art is spiritual. If you would like to know more, contact me below or check out my studio/gallery here -

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IIN Health Coach

I have an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach qualification through the world's leading Integrative Nutrition School - IIN, based in New York. The areas it covers is whole person health and well-being, particularly in respect to wholistic alternatives in dealing with anxiety, depression, mood swings, sleep problems, sugar addictions, weight loss, MTHFR as well as spiritual alignment. I offer online and in person coaching for one on one and group programs, as well as workshops which I have run and been part of in my local community as well as in churches. If you would like to know more, contact me below.

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Ministry and church is something we have always valued and invested in, because God loved people, so did we and everything we have ever done has been to serve, grow, strengthen and encourage and empower others. It all began when I asked Jesus into my life at 13 years old when I came home from a youth camp. Personally, over the last I have started a playgroup in the community, led every age level of children's ministry and youth ministry in the churches where we were planted in different seasons. Worship led for 14 years and lead creative teams. As a co-senior pastor I have established teams, raised leaders, releasing many young adults into call world wide. As well as ran a prophetic school, lead women's ministry, running mens and women's conferences for 8 years, as well as fundraisers. I have also been challenged to lay it all down many times and travel with my husband to take the ministry that we had fought for over the years wider to many other churches, now global where we have focused upon the prophetic and discipleship ministry. In 2020, we became once again senior pastors of INLIFE Church, where I have created teams and oversee the creative and women ministries and also on the board. I have just launched an app for my husband's resource and intend to create another app for myself combining creativity, health and ministry.

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IIN New York - The world's largest nutrition school



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"There is nothing the presence of Jesus cannot fix"

Dr Michael Wells

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